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The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the longest economic downturn of the Western industrialized world, lasting from1929 to 1939. The American economy entered a normal recession in the summer of 1929 as consumers bought less goods, resulting in unsold goods starting to pile up and production beginning to slow. However stock prices still climbed higher than expected earnings and on October 24, 1929 investors traded a record 12.9 million shares. It became known as “Black Thursday.” Five days later, after another wave a panic swept Wall Street, 16 million shares were traded on “Black Tuesday.” This resulted in millions of shares being worthless and investors who bought stocks on margin completely wiped out.

The Great Depression started soon after the crash. Consumer confidence in the economy virtually disappeared causing spending and investing to drop drastically. This resulted in businesses having to fire workers or close down completely because of loss of profits. By 1930, 4 million American were unemployed and could not find work. That number rose quickly to 6 and 15 million in 1931 and 1933, respectively. By this point, nearly half the country’s banks failed because people didn’t trust keeping their money in them.

Slowly, through relief and reform efforts put into place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, like the New Deal, the effects of the Great Depression started to wane. The economy started to recover and in 1939, World War II kicked the American industry back into high gear.

The Great Depression was the hardest financial time for America. People working in many different industries today study it to prevent another Great Depression from hitting the US. Terry Deru from Utah is interested in the Great Depression, not only as an American History enthusiast but also as a financial planner with over 30 years of experience

Helping You Understand Football - Penalties

With all the terms, rules and regulations in football it can be hard for a beginner to understand what is happening in the game. Knowing some of the most common penalties will help you have a better idea of what is going on, and understand why people are screaming at the television when the referee makes a call.

  • Holding: This can be defensive or offensive. Offensive holding is called when a player uses his hands, arms or other body parts to prevent a defensive player from tackling the player holding the ball. This results in a penalty of 10 yards. Defensive holding happens when a player tackles or holds down an offensive player that does not have the ball. The penalty for this is 5 yards and an automatic 1st down.
  • False start: This results in a 5-yard penalty and happens when an offensive player moves before the ball is snapped.
  • Pass Interference: This is when a defensive player makes contact with the offensive receiver in order to restrict him from being able to catch the ball. In the NFL, the offensive team gets the balls at the spot where the foul occurred and are awarded an automatic first down.
  • Personal foul: A personal foul is a blatant and illegal foul that can put the health of another player at risk. This incurs a 15-yard penalty.

Understanding the basic consequences of breaking some of the rules in American Football can help you navigate through the complexities of cheering and yelling during the game. Getting advice from a football fan can also be helpful. Terry Deru Utah is an avid 49ers fan who loves to watch the game as well as coach his 7 children. 

Terry Deru of Utah - Accomplished Entrepreneur and Investor

Terry Deru of Utah is dedicated to his career as an independent professional and successful business entrepreneur. He thoroughly enjoys the work he does and the freedom it provides to spend time with his seven children and 12 grandchildren. He has been working in the financial world since he graduated from graduate school and was a certified financial planner from 1981 to 2007.

Terry gained a great deal of experience working as a certified financial planner and was able to translate that experience into his current position as an independent investor. He understands what it takes to create, manage, and develop a successful business in this day and age and he has developed quite the knack for judging whether or not a business will be successful in the near future.

For the last 30 years, more than three full decades, he has been consulting, managing, and developing more than 250 successful businesses. He is able to not only help the success of his own career, but the careers of his investment partners through lucrative business opportunities. Terry Deru of Utah is currently pursuing opportunities in the real estate development, financial technology software, and natural resource development sectors of the professional world and hopes to use his skills to be successful. He is also currently pursuing ways to improve the educational system for not only his own children, but all children in the United States today.

Terry Deru of Utah is committed to his career as an independent investor and successful business entrepreneur. He is dedicated to achieving success for himself, his family, and his investment partners in order to continue to be successful in the financial world. Not only is he dedicated to his career, but he is also dedicated to his spiritual walk of life.

Terry Deru of Utah is a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and has served in numerous positions as lay clergy. He also served on a two year mission to various locations across Western Europe while holding several leadership roles on the mission. When he isn’t furthering the success of his already successful career, or spending time within the church, he is with his family doing the things that he loves.

He thoroughly enjoys taking his family sailing and water skiing on vacation and his favorite places to sail are in the San Juan Islands of the North West and boat on Lake Powell.

Terry Deru of Utah - A Dedicated Entrepreneur

and Successful Professional

Terry Deru of Utah is deeply committed to his career as an independent professional and business entrepreneur. He has spent his entire career in the financial sector of the professional world and has developed the skills necessary to be a successful investor.

He thoroughly enjoys the work he does as an independent professional and enjoys the free time that his career offers even more. His family acts as his motivation for success, and nothing comes ahead of them on his list of priorities. His children acted and still act as the motivation behind his dream to develop innovative ways to better education children all over the world. He understands how important the future of this world is, and he also understands that the future of the world starts with better educating the children that will be running it in the future.

Terry Deru of Utah graduated from the prestigious University of Utah in 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance. He graduated Magna Cum Laude for his academic achievements and hard work throughout his undergraduate career. Only two short years later, he graduated from the same institution with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He was publicly recognized for his academic achievements by being awarded memberships into the school’s most prestigious academic societies. He has helped more than 250 businesses over the last three full decades in order to place them on the path to long lasting success.

Terry Deru of Utah is deeply committed to his career, his family, and his church. He believes that his priorities are extremely well balanced and that his family comes first in all aspects of his life. His current success professionally is owed to the motivation provided by his family. The only reason he continues to achieve success in the professional world is because he desperately wants to provide for his family as best as he possibly can.

He is the father of seven children and the Grandfather of 12 grandchildren. They currently act as the motivation behind his current interest in the education system of the world today. He hopes to improve upon the current education system by developing an innovative way to better education children all over the world. Terry is also dedicated to his spiritual walk of life and is a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He has held 15 different positions of leadership within the lay clergy, and he has also served on a two year mission for the church in Western Europe.



Favorite National Football League Team

    When meeting Terry Deru of Utah, people can instantly tell that his is a passionate man, especially when he is watching a football game. Deru has been a sports enthusiast all his life. Even though his graduating from the University of Utah twice, once earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and the second time earning his Master of Business Administration, Terry Deru of Utah still supports his alma mater’s football team.

As often as he can he tries to make it to the game, enjoying season tickets on the 40 yard line. But when it comes to football, there is only one team that reigns supreme in the eyes of Terry Deru of Utah: the San Francisco 49ers.

    One of the most successful and storied franchises in National Football League history, they are a favorite to many Utah natives due to the fact that Utah has no professional sports team besides the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association.

In the Pacific Division of the National Football Conference in the NFL, the 49ers have established themselves as a juggernaut in the league as of recent. They have been to the Conference Championship game three out of four years, and even made it to the Super Bowl just three seasons ago.

On the shoulder of their free scrambling quarterback, fans like Terry Deru of Utah have a lot to cheer for every season as they watch their team fight for their sixth Super Bowl trophy in franchise history. Terry Deru of Utah is passionate about the 49ers as he is about the sport of football itself.


The Mighty 5 - Utah’s Top National Parks

Among the many beautiful places to see in Utah are the Mighty 5 or the top National Parks found in the state. These parks draw several million visitors a year from across the world and are a must see if you are going to be in the state. They are full of breathtaking scenery and many activities.

Arches National Park is a 73,234- acre utopia of wind-swept sandstone fins, ribs, towers, balanced rocks and arches. It is located northwest of Moab. This park features over 2,000 arches over 3 feet wide in the entire world.

Bryce Canyon National Park offers magnificent coral-colored rock formations, 5,000 year old Bristlecone pine trees and excellent opportunities for winter sports like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It is at elevation levels of 8,000 to 9,000 feet.

Canyonlands National Park was formed by the currents and offshoots of Utah’s Green and Colorado Rivers, creating mile after mile of deep canyons, pinnacles, cliffs, and towering mesas. At over 527 square miles Canyonlands has four different districts, each offering unique landscapes and experiences.
Capitol Reef National Park is one of the less visited parks but the effort is takes to explore it is worth it. The 100-mile Waterpocket Fold is a must see. When walking through the untouched beauty of Capitol Reef, it is easy to imagine what the world may have looked like millions of years before life existed on Earth.

Zion National Park offers something for every nature lover in its 147,000 acre land. Between red and white Navajo sandstone rock walls reaching over 2,000 feet, and 200 bird species, there is beauty throughout this park.

Terry Deru from Utah is able to see the wonder of the Mighty 5 at his leisure since he lives so close to many of the parks. He enjoys camping and hiking in many places his home state has to offer.